VelocIT Launches Virtual Office, Helps Companies Adapt During Pandemic and Beyond

Technology solution empowers remote teams to work more efficiently

CRANBURY TOWNSHIP, NJ (May 21, 2020) – The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new way of working for many teams.  Teams have adapted to working remotely with higher levels of efficiency than expected. As companies across the country adjust to the new normal, VelocIT Virtual Office, a new product from VelocIT, will give business leaders the freedom to quickly enable their mobile workforce with equipment, security, the latest software, and 24/7 IT Support that’s a click or phone call away.

With VelocIT Virtual Office, companies that were spending thousands of dollars in physical office space will now have the option to save money on rent, mortgage, and IT infrastructure by enabling their teams to work from anywhere while maintaining security and efficiency.

“Many companies have realized that their team is just as, if not more, productive working from home. For most of these companies, reducing or eliminating their square footage will save them money, which they can reinvest into their business,” said Darek Hahn, President and CEO of VelocIT. “We’ve taken best in class tools and combined them into VelocIT Virtual Office. It is a one-stop, fully supported, solution for companies that are looking to “unplug” from the traditional office setting.”

Virtual Office is a fully virtual technology solution that gives teams the ability to work from anywhere with no hardware beyond their end-user devices. The basic product bundle includes onboarding, help desk support, email management & security, Microsoft 365 for email, secure email & endpoint backup, antivirus, endpoint encryption, content management, patch management.  Additional services for remote users include, corporate home firewall to separate work from home traffic, Virtual Desktop & Server solutions, extended service hours, virtual phone services.  For those that need to keep a small office place for storage, meetings or touchdown places for employees can also add office network management. For any hardware needed VelocIT can work with a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option or can setup lease or rent options for companies that do not want to own any hardware.

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About VelocIT

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