VelocIT Implements Online Chat and SMS Texting

VelocIT has adopted online “texting” and SMS texting to enhance their client communications

CRANBURY, NEW JERSEY — VelocIT, a New Jersey-based managed service provider and technology partner, announced today new communication methods for their customers.  Not only can customers use the traditional methods of picking up the phone or emailing to contact them for support, VelocIT has implemented Online Chat and SMS Texting to reach a live agent. Channels like online “texting” and SMS texting are great options to communicate with customers making it easier to obtain support.  There are 3.5 billion phones world wide, 96% of Americans currently own a cellphone of some kind and 81% text regularly.  This makes it an excellent option for better communicating with VelocIT clients.

“Obtaining IT support should be simple and quick.  This capability makes it simple and quick.” says Glenn Kupsch, Chief Operating Officer of VelocIT.

Over the course of the next several weeks, VelocIT will be communicating this new communication platform to their existing customers.