Hybrid Cloud Computing- Is It Right For You?

Business often find that it is difficult to keep up with complex, ever changing infrastructure.  IT needs change with business growth and those changes are so frequent that it is almost impossible to acquire and retain expertise sufficient for optimal performance. Cloud computing is the solution to those needs. A hybrid cloud is the most flexible and cost-effective cloud computing model, combining what an internal IT department does best with the capabilities of external IT providers.

Hybrid Cloud Computing:  What Is It?

A hybrid cloud is a combination of both private and public clouds. A hybrid cloud computing essentially provides the flexibility and convenience of cloud computing with the security of in-house data hosting and locally based technical expertise.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Benefits 

  1. On Demand Access: If you have the need, IT resources can be provisioned and deployed easily
  2. Lower Costs: Facility, infrastructure, and energy costs are shifted to a “pay-as-you-go” model
  3. Scalability- Expand and contract as business needs change.
  4. Managed by Experienced IT Professionals: A local IT professional maintains the entire system remotely for you.
  5. Enhanced Security – Your data stays right at home.

IT Team Support

Hybrid cloud computing environments are only as strong as the integrations that unite them. Performance monitoring & regular testing procedures are needed to further evolve the application. The team organizing the infrastructure is almost always more important than the specific type of cloud solution you choose. The team at Dynamic Strategies can provide expert advice about the cloud and the extent to which it can save you money and improve your company’s productivity.