What is Ransomware?

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The Biggest Cyber-security Disasters of 2017: So Far!

Check out this list of the Biggest Cyber-security disasters of 2017

The scary thing is these are the ones that hit the news!  Our team is seeing more and more targeted attacks to smaller businesses with far less resources.

Are you prepared, call or email us to find out using our FREE SECURITY assessment.

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Fish Tank and Hacking!

How’s this for creative hacking!

Use a fish tank control system to get onto a casino’s network and run amuck.

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Quick Tip: How to create an email template in Outlook

For some this may be a no brainer, but do you send the same emails to people on a regular basis?  Did you know you can create an email template in Outlook so you just click on it and fill in the missing details?
Here’s a simple way to create a template:
  1. Open a new email
  2. Type in the standard information (even highlight the areas regularly changed)
  3. Click on the FILE tab (top left) and choose “save as”
  4. In the dialog box type the file name you want to save the file as
  5. in the “Save as type:” box chose “Outlook Template”
  6. Click Save (NOTE: don’t change the location you save it in!)

To use your template:

  1. Click on the New Items button (next to the New Email button)
  2. In the drop down choose More Items and then Choose Form.
  3. In the “Look In” box (top of the box that pops up) chose “user templates in File System.”
  4. Highlight your template and say open
  5. Voila you have an email template to use!

HP Laptop Users BE AWARE!

HP Laptop Audio Driver Logs Keystrokes

Swiss cyber security firm, Modzero, discovered a keylogging feature present in the Conexant HD Audio Driver that comes preinstalled on 28 HP laptop models. This driver records all keystrokes made on the system and saves the information to a local file that can be accessible to any party or software that is aware of its location. If that file does not exist, the driver will pass all keystrokes in real-time to a local API. The NJCCIC recommends users and administrators of HP laptops that include the Conexant HD Audio Driver Package version and earlier review the Modzero Security Advisory and use the suggested workaround to mitigate this threat until a permanent fix is released.

HIPAA Breach Penalties Start!

Check out the article below. These types of enforcement actions were bound to start!  If you think you’re safe because you’re a small company, be sure to read this.  I doubt many small start ups can overcome a fine like this.  If you’re interested in finding out your status, please call or email us today!  We provide a free security assessment and are able to review your procedures, ensuring you are doing everything in your power to keep your data safe.

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5 Types of People You Don’t Want Managing Your IT Solutions

5 Types of People You Don’t Want Managing Your IT Solutions

Working with a team of people with varying personalities and skill sets can be a good thing. Diverse people bring different viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives to the table. This oftentimes leads to more innovative outcomes.

When it comes to your IT solutions, hiring the right person is key. But there are some personality types that can implode even the greatest team dynamic. Here are the top five people you would never want managing your IT solutions:

The Know-It-All

This type of person is an attention seeker. They try and “wow” people with their clever remarks and technical knowledge when, in reality, their input isn’t really needed.

Sure, they may know the IT jargon and have the technical prowess to manage your IT solutions. But they’re not that much fun to be around, and will most likely push your buttons too far one day. No thank you.

The Yes Man or Yes Woman

Ah, the people-pleasers. This person is someone who thinks they can do it all – without considering the actual implications of taking on multiple projects and responsibilities. They make promises they can’t keep, which can lead to disappointment and instability. And in the IT realm, repeated mistakes and unfulfilled expectations are simply intolerable.

The Passive-Aggressive Type

Do you leave post-it notes to deal with conflict and avoid those cringe-worthy confrontations? Do you pretend everything’s okay when you’re actually upset or hurt? You may be the passive-aggressive type. This kind of person will make it hard for you to communicate your problems to. When you need IT support quickly and efficiently, you rely on direct, honest answers rather than a phony response.

The Gossip

This type of person goes without much explanation. They spread rumors about others (oftentimes behind their backs) and bend the truth for their own enjoyment. Whether its for the sake of entertainment, to cover up their own insecurities, or to feel a sense of self-importance – the office gossip is someone you’d never want in charge of your technology.

Just imagine the power they’d have being responsible for protecting your personal information!

The Control Freak

AKA type A personalities. Competitive, self-critical, and (at times) hostile, these people tend to overreact to the smallest things. They’re unbending in their approach to problem-solving, even when they’re in the wrong. They’re not a team player, yet they always have to be in the loop.

An IT manager should be someone with exceptional team skills. They’re constantly managing conflicts, negotiating and communicating with their team, as well as making important decisions for continuous improvement.

At Dynamic Strategies, we’re dedicated to providing quality IT solutions and support – without any of the emotional baggage. Get in touch to find out what makes us great to work with.

Why an MSP Can Be Trusted Like Family

Why an MSP Can Be Trusted Like Family

An MSP (managed services provider) cares for you like their own. Rather than turning up when your systems go haywire, an MSP takes proactive measures to keep your business and IT running smoothly.

While several IT services companies claim to engage in MSP practices, not all businesses are equal. In fact, there are many so-called “MSPs” that actually profit from other avenues such as break/fix work.

For those with a small to mid-size business, outsourcing your IT support can be more beneficial than hiring and training your own staff. If you’re on the hunt for a genuine MSP that can be trusted like your own kin, here are a few signs to look for:

An MSP Looks Out for Your Health

A true managed services provider offers more stable and efficient results compared to traditional IT service providers. Rather than earning revenue from hardware/software or repair services, they profit from doing real-time problem remediation. They also analyze all the moving parts of your business (people, processes, and assets) to prevent future problems.

A good MSP focuses on keeping your systems healthy rather than allowing issues to slip through the cracks and then profiting from fixing those failures. Your success equates to their success.

Predictable Costs All the Way

Not only do managed services companies solve IT-related problems quicker, but they also deliver a more controlled monthly expense. This cost only increases as your business grows, so you’re never faced with unexpected charges or hidden fees.

A well-run MSP will see failure within your business as a failure on their part. For instance, if you experience a power outage, malware infection, or hardware failure – your MSP should take full responsibility.

They will strive to turn negative customer experiences into ways to improve for the future rather than seizing it as an opportunity to make more income.

Proactive and Engaged

A true managed services provider should keep your network proactively managed and maintained. After gaining a thorough understanding of your business objectives and aligning their service model with your goals, they must stay engaged with you as your needs change.

Rather than benefitting from your failures, a good MSP is happy and healthy when your business is the same. They win from preventing issues in the first place and thrive off a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients.

If you’re ready to partner with an MSP that truly looks out for your well-being like family – look no further than the team at Dynamic Strategies.

a successful company vs a struggling one

A Business with Managed IT Services vs. One Without

You can now hire a managed IT services partner to provide single or multiple functions handled externally (like backup and disaster recovery), or perhaps to run your overall IT infrastructure.

Let’s compare Business A (which uses managed IT services) with Business B (one that doesn’t) to see how much of a difference managed IT services make.

Shifting Risk

Both Business A and B have a great market presence with many clients. One day, an earthquake hit the city, causing physical damage for both.

Since Business A contracted a managed IT services provider, they were prepared. The provider repaired their technology and they were up-and-running in 2 days.

Business B had to take matters into their own hands, overwhelming their IT staff at this point of crisis, and needed weeks to recover. In doing so, a lot of their clients got frustrated and went to Business A.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Both Business A and B faced a time where operations expansion was imperative.

Business A called their managed IT services provider and they quickly implemented a new technology set up for the usual monthly fee.

Business B decided to explore on their own, wasting weeks and a lot of funds in technologies research.

While Business B was busy doing that, Business A used the operations expansion funds that Business B was wasting to hire more sales representatives and sell more products.

Decrease Employees Turnaround

When Business B was in the process of expanding their services and broadening their IT infrastructure, they started to overburden their IT department. A few employees could not handle the stress and decided to leave, taking internal knowledge away with them. Business B had to quickly recruit and hire replacements, starting the onboarding process from scratch.

Business A had all of these aspects set by hiring a managed IT services partner. Not one person resigned as a result of stress.

Avoid Data Loss

Both Business A and B backup their data. Business A does this with a managed IT services provider and Business B does this internally. One day, both businesses had a major fire outbreak, causing serious damage to their systems.

Business A informed their provider and gained nearly instant access to their data and customers.

Business A was able to get repairs underway as income was still flowing.

Business B’s systems had major damages and their data was irretrievably lost. Business B had to shut down for quite some time to undertake repairs while trying to re-harvesting all their data at the same time.

Focus More on Business

Both Business A and B reached over 50 employees in their sales departments and internal changes were needed.

Business A called their managed IT services partner, scheduled a consulting session and gained access to the best CRM software on the market. Their partner properly implemented this CRM software and provided training for the sales department. The sales department now had fewer administrative tasks and more time to focus on sales and business growth.

Business B’s IT staff went looking for a CRM software package to suit their needs and tried out few. As they implemented one after another, the sales department kept adjusting, waiting for the ultimate solution. During this time, they kept doing their administrative tasks, both in the old and the new CRM, barely focusing on sales and business growth. This approach cost Business B weeks.

With managed IT services, businesses are stronger, faster, and more resilient. And if you’re concerned about the expense, we can see from these examples that managed IT services can save a lot more money than it costs. In some circumstances, it can save a business. Dynamic Strategies will make sure your business never falls into the situations Business B had to face.

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What Exactly is Velocity Advantage?

Everyday management of people and operations is complex and consumes resources. If you want to build internal systems, be aware that it takes time and maintenance costs. To transitions with ease, it’s best to partner with an experienced managed services provider (MSP) such as Dynamic Strategies. Our Velocity Advantage service is the definition of speed when it comes to finding quality IT solutions.

Lower Costs

Businesses that contract MSPs don’t need to worry about hiring and training in-house IT staff. They’ll get a team of IT experts for a flat monthly fee, while also saving on the cost of hardware and software licenses. A business with a more traditional IT approach wastes time searching for the right IT candidate and then getting the person onboard. Meanwhile, the IT issues pile up. However, for a business utilizing managed services such as Velocity Advantage, this process is cost-effective and taken care of ahead of time.

IT Experts

Managed service providers have the responsibility of hiring trained and certified IT experts. As a business owner, your main job is to focus on ways to grow your business, and not waste resources on the training for IT staff. Training is necessary in a world of rapidly changing technology, but as a managed service, Velocity Advantage will take away that stress, offering solutions tailor-made for your specific business needs. While traditionally run businesses tend to exhaust resources educating staff that comes and goes, smart ones invest in innovation.

Innovative Technology

Many business owners are convinced that their IT staff should maintain the servers, take care of each employee’s computer, and perform manual data backups. What they don’t understand is that these are routine tasks, and that time is better spent implementing new technologies. Velocity Advantage is a solution that gives that time back to IT staff. In-house staff can then use that extra time, new innovative technology, and their unique company knowledge to create new applications, implement new business processes, and much more.

Security & Compliance

Following regulations on client data protection (such as credit card numbers, for example) can become complicated. To meet compliance standards, businesses routinely burden their IT staff with workstation and server audits and firewall maintenance. Velocity Advantage guarantees 24/7/365 monitoring on all aspects of security and compliance, promptly fixing errors and adapting to new regulations with no effort required on your part.

Higher Tech-Capabilities

A large percentage of organizations use MSPs to access external IT resources. Such providers already have experience with countless technologies, offering higher capability in meeting demands. An MSP can respond to restructuring needs very quickly, whether it’s a single, time-sensitive project, or a sudden expansion. MSPs can also produce new systems and technology at a speed that in-house IT teams simply can’t match. A traditional business may waste months and lose clients in the process of manually searching for solutions. Velocity Advantage, however, has solutions can be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Sounds good, right? Contact us to find out what Velocity Advantage could do for your company, today.